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The Article Submission Sites You Need To Know About

Looking for article submission sites? We've got a list of the best ones below. But before we get to that, let's take a look at how to find these sites in the first place. You can find them by doing an internet search or by using BuzzSumo to find keywords related to the topic you're looking for. BuzzSumo will show you which articles are getting the most shares on social media so it's a good place to start. Here are some article submission sites that will accept your content, ranked from lowest priced to highest priced.

1) PRWeb

Prweb is one of the oldest and most respected article submission sites in existence. They have been around since 1997, and they have never been outed for any violations. There is no cost to submit your article, but you must email them first and ask them if they would like to publish it.

-Prweb was founded by Jim Pospisilik in 1996 as an online news service for journalists.

-This site offers free business articles for journalists, authors, bloggers and freelancers who can write articles that are good for companies' marketing needs.

2) Alltop

Alltop is one of my favorite resources for finding high-quality articles, so I was excited when they announced an app! The Alltop app allows me to filter by category and has some other cool features that makes it easy for me to find new articles. I can't recommend it enough if you want articles without any ads or distractions. This is especially helpful if your phone is on airplane mode! -Hank Williams, Jr.

Article Submission Sites: Alltop

3) 24-7 Press Release

One way people can gain exposure is by submitting their article to news release websites. The 24-7 press release is one of these sites that will post your article on their site, as well as send it out via email blast, post it on social media, and other avenues for visibility. You can submit articles in many categories including current events, business news, health/medical reports, new product releases and more. There are also more specific options like religious articles and technology news which allow you to narrow your choices.

4) B2B News Network

-Many B2B companies are using b2b news networks to find stories that will help promote their business. Sites like Business Wire are commonly used for distribution, providing instant and easy press release distribution and access to 500 media outlets worldwide.

-In order for articles to be considered for inclusion on these sites, they have to follow certain rules. For example, any article submitted must not be more than 150 words long and must also include contact information such as company website URL or email address in order for editors at these sites to reach out if they want more information.

5) Smart Biz Media

Smart Biz Media is an online business magazine that caters specifically to small businesses. They have many articles, each of which are published on their website. As well as articles, they also publish interviews and other reports on small business issues, such as advertising and networking. There are two subscription options for Smart Biz Media: monthly ($39) or yearly ($399). Monthly subscriptions include 12 articles, while yearly subscriptions include 12 months worth of content with 100+ articles. Smart Biz Media is beneficial for those looking for professional advice on starting or running their own small business because it can help readers learn from others' experiences and offers plenty of tips and strategies that have been proven effective in various fields of business

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